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Instructor Training

To ensure that instructors and support staff are ready to use Canvas a variety of professional development options are now available.

FIU Online -  canvasv2.fiu.edu

Online Faculty Starter Kit

This self-paced course is designed to familiarize faculty with the need-to-know tools and features of Canvas, and what it takes for preparing a course for optimal design and delivery.

Access this course by logging into Canvas and selecting “Faculty Starter Kit.”

In-person Workshops

Ongoing in-person sessions are available throughout the semesters to prepare faculty for Canvas.

These workshops cover a variety of Canvas features, best practices, and practical application of tools. The sessions are designed to help you understand how to use the Canvas LMS and are available in both MMC and BBC.

Flexible Training Options

If you are unable to attend Canvas workshops during regular M-F work hours, rest assured that we offer additional formats and flexible times to fit your needs.

You can even attend a Canvas essentials webinar online in real time, from your desk or anywhere you are connected to the web.

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