Why Canvas?

Our move to Canvas aligns with the State University System’s (SUS) 2025 Strategic Plan for Online Education, which specifically selected Canvas as the best way to provide faculty with the resources they need to improve the student learning experience.

So, why Canvas?

Canvas is a user-friendly Learning Management system (LMS) that is up to speed with the latest operating styles, meaning you’ll find your way around much easier. It has an adaptable means of delivery and communication including improved mobile capabilities for both students and faculty. In addition, Canvas’ flexibility of design provides instructors with the ability to offer a more personal touch to their courses.

Most importantly, Canvas simplifies instructor workflow, saving faculty and students time to get back to what matters most—learning. With Canvas, instructors can spend less time configuring the LMS and more time teaching. Likewise, students will have much less to click through to get to your content.

We know that change is hard, and the transition to Canvas from an LMS that you are familiar with is no exception. Throughout this transition, rest assured that various methods of support will be available.

Benefits Canvas Offers

Canvas offers several benefits to both faculty and students, including new features, a better mobile experience, functionality, integrations, and support.


  • Easier interface. Operating Canvas is very intuitive, mitigating the learning curve found in other learning management systems.
  • “Bird’s-eye” view.  Canvas allows you to see essential information about all your courses in one place.
  • Easy updates. With Canvas, you can more easily update dates and other details on your Syllabus. Updates to your syllabus automatically adjust all the due dates of your course.
  • Integration. Canvas’ adaptable design makes implementing a variety of classroom tools to your online course easier than before.


  • Dashboard. The Canvas dashboard provides a clear summary of course events and items relevant to the student.
  • Collaboration. Learning thrives with Canvas’ improved and simplified opportunities for collaboration with instructors and other students.
  • Support. Canvas’ built-in student support—including tutorials, videos, and guides—is highly advanced.
  • What-if. The Canvas “What-if” grade feature allows students to create grade scenarios that detail scores in any course at any time.