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Ally Accessibilty Tool

May 20th is Global Accessibility Awareness Day and as part of our campus-wide commitment to inclusive education, we are participating in our first ever “Ally Fix your Content Day.” For 24-hours from 12:01am to 11:59pm EST, FIU will be on a mission to use Ally to fix as many accessibility issues as we can with Canvas course content. Ally is an accessibility tool that is integrated into Canvas courses and alerts faculty to issues on accessibility and provides detailed guidance to instructors on how to improve student accessibility in course design, available content, and course materials. 

Our goal is to aim for a 100% accessibility score in Ally, but it’s the improvements along the way that count! There are over 100 educational institutions participating world-wide in “Fix your Content Day.” At the end of the day, the campus with the most files fixed will be recognized and awarded a prize.

FIU Wins Highest Number of Fixes!

Thank you to all of our instructors and instructional designers that participated in Fix Your Content Day on May 20, 2021. FIU had 16,364 course fixes during the challenge and won in the category of the "Highest Number of Files Fixed." Overall, the event accounted for over 108,500 course files that were improved globally for accessibility, setting a new Fix Your Content Day record! We look forward to continuing to improve accessibility in your FIU course content. For more information on how you can fix accessibility issues in your course content, please refer to our Ally instructor article.


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